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I offer a range of services to help SMEs in particular.  A lot of SMEs have little or no HR resource, and at times, they really need it.  Whether it be an audit of how you’re doing things at the moment, some upskilling of your HR staff, or writing/updating policies and template letters, I can help.

HR Project Support

Do you have a specific project that requires specialist input? Perhaps you’re scoping out a new HR system or looking to streamline your processes or take things online? These are areas I can help with, whether it’s just a part of the project, or managing it from start to finish.


HR Advice and Guidance

HR Audit

A review of policies and processes with recommendations for improvements to save time and money.

Policies and templates

A range of bespoke employment law compliant policies and associated template letters to suit your needs.


Bespoke Induction process, staff guides, health and safety.

Employment relations / case advice

Timely and professional advice is key to having a positive workplace. I can provide pragmatic input whether it’s telephone or email advice, coaching through the process or attendance at formal meetings.


Gain greater insight into candidates to make better hiring decisions or enable development of existing team members.

  • Bespoke recruitment job packs
  • Applicant shortlisting
  • Applicant assessment and psychometric testing
  • Interviewing
  • Offers of employment
  • Referencing and employment checks


Occupational TestingThomas Logo_no strap_transparent

Selecting, promoting or developing your people is not an exact science. It can be hard. Adding profiling provides some objectivity to the process and can help you make better decisions.

Thomas International is my preferred supplier of online profiling and assessment tools. They are quick, easy and accurate, and TSHR is licensed to supply, analyse and debrief on the following tools.

Talk to me about your needs and I can tell you whether profiling is the right approach, and which online tool is most appropriate.

Thomas PPA Assessment

With the Thomas PPA assessment, it takes around 8 minutes to obtain an accurate insight into how your people operate in the work environment. I typically recommend The PPA Profile for recruitment and promotion selection and helping to identify training and development needs.

Thomas Skills Assessment

This is a range of different tools designed to assess a candidate’s level of skill in a particular area.  It can be a great help when you need to recruit skilled people who will be able to hit the ground running, or to identify underused skills in your existing workforce. It covers anything from technical IT packages, to call centre and administration skills.

Thomas TEIQue Assessment

Emotional intelligence is a key skill in our complex and stressful business environment. The TEIQue gives a powerful insight into how well your people understand their emotions, respond to pressure, and manage relationships.

Thomas GIA Assessment

GIA measures a person’s mental sharpness and gives you an objective insight into how they will grasp a new role or respond to training. It’s a powerful way to help identify high flyers and spot who will get up to speed quicker than others.

Thomas JOB Assessment

This online assessment will help you to pinpoint the specific behaviours required for a particular job role, making it much easier for you to select the right person for that job.

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